Everybody loves a Hot Shower!



-Large volume pump (NOT a GARDEN SPRAYER PUMP),

  designed and warranted by America's oldest pump manufacturer.


-Hot Jugz Showers will run for over two minutes on just 15-20 pumps.


-With over 2 gallons of capacity this outdoor sport shower can last up to 16 minutes


-Special high density rubber insulation assures that Hot Jugz will stay

  WARM or COLD for extended periods of time.


-Hot Jugz Showers weigh just 4lbs (2KG) making them extremely portable.


-Hot Jugz Showers will keep water warm for up to 6 Hours (commando model). 



We tried the rest, then designed the best; a  portable shower for surfing, camping and all your outdoor needs.

Have the enjoyment of long-lasting, thermally insulated, portable hot showers anytime, anywhere without the hassles found in other poorly designed showers.

"Hot Jugz" outdoor shower does not require 12-volt service, batteries, propane, cigarette lighter or a place to hang it.

Just fill it up and you're on your way.

We are so sure you will love it we offer a 100% money-back guarantee!